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Blog about Sex Dolls

The Sex Dolls Blog at Docklandet

Here we will from now on post about sex dolls, everything from the latest news to articles about other doll enthusiasts or about how to take care of your sex doll. We have previously written blog articles about sex dolls on our Instagram, but will now also post posts here in the online store.

Today, as far as we know, there are no real blogs about sex dolls in Sweden, even though there are a lot of doll enthusiasts. We follow some on Instagram and fun to see how people dress up their dolls or come up with fun scenarios that they put their dolls in and take photos. But as you know, Instagram consists mostly of pictures so we think that here at Docklandet.se we will have a pure classic blog with both pictures and good texts. With 100% focus on sex dolls, or yes, large dolls made of TPE or silicone (the dolls do not necessarily have to be for sex every time).

For us of the slightly older school, perhaps the word blog catches the eye a bit. But do not snow on it! We can also call this a news section of Docklandet or why not Docklandet's living diary. Joke and side. A blog about sex dolls is perfect for us to gather information, news and other things that can be difficult to get in other places in the store.