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Sex doll, real doll, what does it matter?

Sex doll, Real Doll, love doll, adult doll, barbara, mannequin there are many different expressions for big dolls. The doll country figures out which word is "most correct" and which words are passé. Buy your real doll / sex doll at Dolllandet today free shipping to the entire Nordic region!

Why are these dolls called "sex dolls" in Sweden?

Sex doll, Real doll, love doll, adult doll, etc., there are many names for these dolls. In Sweden, the word "sex doll" is the most common word when we talk about large realistic dolls made of TPE or silicone. Even in our shop, the word sex doll is what we use for the most part. It is, however, a rather misleading expression, as many people acquire dolls for completely different reasons than sexual purposes. However, of course, sexual use is still the most common reason why people buy dolls. What people get dolls for in addition to sex, we cover a little further down. The disadvantage of the term sex doll is that those who need these dolls for purposes other than sexual may feel that the product itself becomes a little unnecessarily loaded.

Real Doll then?

Real doll is the most used designation for dolls in the USA and is also used to some extent in Sweden and Europe. We have chosen not to use that word very much in our store, for two different reasons. First and foremost, we are a Swedish store and of course we want to use Swedish words and expressions as often as possible. Secondly, Real Doll is actually its own make, i.e. a doll brand and not just a name. Real Doll is one of the few doll manufacturers based outside of China. All our dolls at Dolllandet can be called "real doll's", but of course they are not from the American brand Real Doll. A doll from the Real Doll brand costs between SEK 60,000 and SEK 120,000 and is also not entirely fun to import from the USA. These dolls are sold only in the factory's own store, mainly to American customers. However, we can proudly say that our finer silicone dolls from Irontech Doll and Zelex maintain the same (sometimes even better) standard and quality as American Real Doll. At a fraction of the price they charge. Otherwise, real doll is actually a pretty good name, but unfortunately the Swedish translation "real doll" doesn't sound as good.

Other designations

Knulldokka is used in some other Swedish stores. The word fuck is perfectly fine, but fuck doll sounds a bit more questionable, we think. Barbara is an old Swedish name and mainly deals with inflatable dolls, we do not sell these. Silicone dolls is a term that is used and sounds perfectly fine, however many of these dolls are made of a different material (TPE) so that term does not hold all the way either. Love doll comes from "love doll" and is probably also a perfectly fine expression, but unfortunately a misleading name just like sex doll when people have different purposes with their dolls. Adult doll is a good expression, although not complete and misleading as the word "adult" in most cases has to do with erotica. But still a perfectly fine name. The manikin was used more when these dolls were new products and is rarely used today, also a slightly misleading term.

Which name will be used in Sweden in 10 years?

We believe that sex doll is what holds up, although as I said we are not completely happy with this word as it is misleading. Otherwise, we think adult doll can be a strong candidate. Real doll will probably continue to be used as well, but real doll enthusiasts will probably never use this expression as (as said) it is actually a doll brand and not a name.

What other uses are there for the dolls besides sex?

Here we cover some more uses for dolls besides sex, mentioning that the term sex doll is not entirely fair. Although as I said sex is the most common reason people buy a doll, there are many more uses.

⦁ For socializing
Having a realistic doll at home can give a certain sense of presence and make you not feel alone. In today's society, many men and even women live by themselves and a lifelike doll can bring a little extra warmth to an empty home.

⦁ As a partner
Some go all the way and come to like their doll so much that it becomes an important part of one's life. There are even those who are completely in love with their doll. It is of course easy to have opinions and laugh at, but you should never forget that we are all different, we work differently, like differently and you should do what you feel like and live your life. A doll doesn't hurt anyone and can be a doll can be a healthy element in a life where relationships are otherwise difficult.

⦁ As a model
A realistic mannequin can be anything from an Instagram model to a mannequin or host in the entrance of a restaurant. There are many people who design their own clothes that do not fit their own body. Perhaps you are of the opposite sex or have a body shape of a completely different type than the clothes you design. Instead of hiring an expensive model or fishing around among possible friends, a nice realistic doll is a flexible alternative that can, to say the least, wear clothes with style.

⦁ For events and various arrangements
It is common for "boy gangs" to get together and buy a doll for an unsuspecting protagonist on bachelor parties. It also happens that dolls are bought in for various events. In most cases, the purpose of the dolls is to be fun (and also sexy of course) and usually it is not the more expensive dolls that are bought but our cheaper variants and when several people share the cost, the doll can certainly have a really festive evening sometimes.

Sex doll at rave. Sex doll with UV make-up, white hair, black coat and blue led deco.

⦁ For Shibari - Japanese rope art
You may be familiar with Shibari or at least have seen or encountered bdsm games where ropes were involved. In short, Shibari is about tying a body with rope in various positions. This is a technique that requires a lot of practice and to become a "licensed" Shibari master one must have practiced 1000 hours of knotting. Of course, it can be tricky to find a tolerant person who wants to be tied down for a total of 1000 hours. And this is where dolls come in. A sex doll is good for practicing your tying skills on and is happy to lie still for 1000 hours and more if necessary.

Shibari sex doll. Sex doll / real doll tied with rope, so-called "shibari", a kind of Japanese rope art. Large TPE doll for shibari training.