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Get your sex doll in Borlänge

It is possible to visit us in Borlänge To pick up your sex doll yourself. We have two large rooms with over 60 dolls set up as well as a layer with over 150 dolls at home in Borlänge.

We are normally available weekdays 10-18 but can often also receive visits weekend and evenings if desired.

You can make a purchase in advance and pick up the doll directly from us, or visit us and buy a doll on site. We have many dolls at home, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive full-size silicone. We also have many accessories at home from WM-Doll, Piper Doll, mm. We also have different garments for dolls, lots of wigs and different types of eyes.

Contact us for current stock status on dolls. We have many dolls from WM-Doll, Irokebijin, Piper Doll, Zex, Starpery, Irontech Doll, Aibei, MFL at home in stock for purchases on site.

For those who want to compare quality between different price ranges, sizes and marks of sex dolls, we really recommend a visit if you do not live too far away.

We can offer special offers, discounts on certain dolls, package price and extra doll accessories for you who visit us. It also happens that we have demo-ex or returns at extra reduced prices.

We reside at Krokgatan 22 in Borlänge. You can contact us through the form here or call us on +46735361983.


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