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Care advice and cleaning -

Here are some tips on how to best manage your doll to keep it clean and fresh, and to maximize the life span!


The doll is delivered in a hefty cardboard with padded inside.

This box works great to store the doll in.
The box can of course also be cleaned up by the creative.

Do not store the doll with overly curved joints or in strange positions.
It can damage the doll in the long run when the joints are subjected to constant pressure by being bent for longer periods of time. Feel free to store it in the same position as it had in the box!

Do not leave the doll on or against hard materials for long periods, it can deform the doll in the long run. Let it rest on soft ground.

Do not leave the doll in direct sunlight for a long time as this can cause damage and discoloration of the material. When not in use, store it in a dark and cool place, such as a wardrobe or why not the box it came in!

Cleaning of sex doll

Clean the doll before using it for the first time to remove any residual products from factory and production.

In normal use and care, the doll need not be cleaned very often.
When you want to clean your sex doll, we recommend that you use plain water and liquid soap.
Preferably do not use other kinds of detergents as this can damage the material.

Use a cloth with lukewarm water to wipe the doll off external cleaning. Then allow the doll to dry. You can dry gently by dipping a cotton towel, but do not use a hair dryer.
After the doll is dry, if you want to powder it with talk (baby powder) you can give the skin an extra soft feeling; This can also extend durability.

Cleaning of vagina, anal and mouth

TPE is a relatively porous material, which means that bacteria can begin to grow if the doll is not cleaned properly.
But if you are fresh yourself and maintain a normal personal hygiene, your sex doll usually does not have to be done very often.

You can also use a condom to simplify internal cleaning.

Let the doll sit on a pallet or chair in the shower when you wash it internally as it becomes easier to access. Of course, a bathtub also works well.
Place a tight bag or similar over the head of the doll if there is a risk that it will be too wet. Dolls that have a standing foot should not be exposed to water for a longer period of time and are also not bathed. This is when the metal in the foot can be rusty.

To clean inside the sex doll you can f.ex. Use a so -called douche (included the dolls). It is a small pump that you fill with water, bring into the doll and then clean with. Of course, it is also possible to flush with regular shower or hose as well, but be careful with the pressure so that the doll does not crack inside. Make sure it dries properly inside, you can put in a towel that sucks up the last of the water.

Cleaning of the head

Separate the head and body and if possible, remove the wig.
Dip a sponge or a cotton cloth in warm soapy water and gently dot on the face of the sex doll. Be extra careful about the eyes and eyelashes. Carefully wipe with a dry soft cloth that does not repair, and let your head air dry before putting it back on the body.

The metal skeleton

In addition to TPE or silicone, the doll consists of a metal skeleton. Although it is of high quality and very durable, it obviously does not manage as much.

Most sex dolls are very flexible, but if they are too strong, there is a risk that it will be damaged. Do not store the doll with curved joints when you do not use it as metal skeletons can be damaged, but bend back the body parts to its original "dormant" positions to extend the durability.

Hair and makeup

The wigs are removable and can be washed with regular shampoo and conditioner, just like regular hair. Comb the wig when dry.

You can use makeup on the doll but make sure to use such makeup that you can wash away with plain water without having to use strong makeup remover, to minimize the risk of skin damage.

Lip balm or lip gloss can give a lovely luster to the doll's lips! But be careful about using ordinary lipsticks as they lightly scratch and color.

There are also permanent makeup products that can be used on your sex doll. The most common are lipstick, rouge and eye shadow. For more tips on these products, contact us or talk to a makeup or hobby shop.

Reduce the risk of stains on the sex doll

Since TPE is a fairly porous material, stains may occur if you are not careful.

Therefore, do not use colored clothing that risks dyeing, especially if they are not washed before. Even dark clothes that are colored with poor quality can color if they are in contact with the doll for a little longer.

Neither do newspapers placenear the dock, These risk dyeing with pressure.

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Don't forget to read our F.A.Q With common questions and answers.

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- WM Doll's own instructions for handling and care of sex dolls-

How to manage their WM dolls, operating and maintenance instructions (translated into Swedish)

1. The outer layer is made of elastic TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) with a high standard connected with epoxy resins in solid body shape and finely designed skeleton. All material meets national health and safety standards that are harmless to people and environmentally friendly.

2. The skeleton and joints allow the model to pose in many positions and styles, which gives a very realistic experience. For durability, do not place the doll in outstretched or curved positions for long periods of time. Although the elasticity of the TPE material is wonderfully durable and durable, excessive stretch for a long time can result in deformation. Move the model to its original position, with your hands rested downwards, after use.

3. It is the standard procedure during the production to mount and place its skeleton on exact points. Various support is attached during the injection process, so there will be some small fillings on these holes that are not classified as manufacturing errors.

4. Avoid sharp objects or kneading with excessive strength.

5. Always be careful when using clothes on your sex doll. Always wash the garments at least 2-3 times before use to ensure that they do not dye off.

6. Do not expose the model to sunlight for an extended period of time. This can increase the aging of TPE material and shorten the life of the doll.

7. If a week or printing mark occurs, you can apply hot towel to the folded area to remove the brand. Pressure marks often disappear by themselves over time. A heat gun can be used to soften material and cook damage.

8. Dust and dirt can be cleaned with regular soap in shower or foam bath. Carefully clean with the palm and watch out for fingernails and coarse or sharp materials that can affect or scratch the surface. After drying, it is recommended to apply talk powder or cornstarch powder. The model will be new again. We highly recommend continuous maintenance of your model.

9. If the model's surface has received scratches, cut marks or holes, use the supplied TPE glue to seal. Clean the detected area with makeup remover before gluing. Make sure the defective surface is not tense when applying TPE glue. The curing time is about half an hour.

If you have other thoughts on technical aspects or maintenance of the model, do not hesitate to contact us at Docklandet For further assistance. You have a guarantee and lifelong support from us on your WM doll.

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