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Fake Sex Dolls Warning

Fake sex dolls warning! Copies of sex dolls are sold by other stores illegally. These dolls are the most common pirate copies.


Unfortunately, it is very common for stores to sell pirated copies of sex dolls. The brand that is by far the most exposed to copies is our partner WM-Doll . In the picture above you see 6 different older dolls from WM-Doll that you probably recognize from other stores. These dolls are the most copied dolls worldwide and the copies are often illegally marketed with WM-Doll's images.

It is common for rogue doll shops to sell fake dolls and use incorrect pictures of the dolls. It is unusual for serious stores to use incorrect images of dolls, but unfortunately it also happens. Those who sell fake dolls at a high price and use images from WM-Doll illegally are in most cases stores that mainly focus on sex toys and not dolls. Then there are also some large Chinese/international doll shops that sell fake dolls.

What characterizes a fake doll or rogue shop?

- The doll has no brand or logo
- Dolls have incorrect/misleading images
- The price is much lower than the corresponding branded doll
- Supplied accessories differ from standard
- Retailers do not want to answer questions about doll brands
- Retailer is not listed as an official partner
- No authentication code included for authenticity check
- Has no own warehouse or showroom
- Shop pretends to be Swedish or European but is based in China

In addition to this, a pirated doll is usually of a much lower quality than the doll it is trying to imitate. But of course it's hard to know before you've seen the doll yourself.

Which doll brands are there fakes of?

As we mentioned earlier, WM-Doll is by far the most vulnerable brand and it has been so for a few years. But there are also copies of Irontech Doll, Piper Doll, Irokebijin and even the occasional Starpery and Zelex. These copies are nowhere near the level of quality of the originals and in some cases a copy of the product in question does not even exist, instead you get another cheap doll with a similar wig.

I have been scammed, can I do anything?

First of all, you should be aware of the risk you take when you, as a Swedish private person, order a cheap doll from a dubious shop. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The Swedish Right to Purchase Act does not apply when you buy from stores from China. You have no right of withdrawal or right to compensation.

If, on the other hand, you have, for example, bought a fake doll at an overpriced price from a Swedish store and this product also uses incorrect images, then you may have the right to a return and a full refund. We will never talk bad about competitors or specific stores, but there are a whole bunch of other Swedish stores that sell these dolls with wrong pictures and at an overpriced price. From SEK 13,000 up to SEK 20,000.

Can a fake doll still be of ok quality?

Just like in many other industries, China is quick to create pirated copies of popular products. There are very many factories in China that only focus on pirated copies. Of course, there are some of these actors who "succeed well" and make big profits and so also many who do not succeed and go under. The actors they work well for usually change their saddles over time and deal with more serious production.

For sex dolls of cheaper varieties from lesser-known brands, you can sometimes see that the appearance is a little reminiscent of classic popular dolls. In some cases, it is about an earlier fake that the manufacturer has developed into its own model. They have modified the face and body a little to get their own new product. And then took new own pictures, in order to be able to show a correct picture of the product and of course not to use other people's pictures illegally.

So to the main question, can I still get a doll of "ok" quality even though it is fake or cheap? The answer is yes (albeit risky). As I said, there are many different variations of these dolls and the quality can differ like night and day. The worst dolls are really lousy, smell bad, floaty, horrible. Then there are also finer, cheaper dolls that can be of perfectly good quality. The most important thing here is that the pictures are correct so you can see which product you will get and that the price is good.

Buying a doll worth SEK 10,000 for SEK 19,000 in the belief of getting a nice WM-Doll. It's not a funny story and unfortunately many customers can't take the fight then and are instead ashamed, "bite the sour" apple and move on. This is of course known to sellers who sell these dolls for a total premium.

Can I get the original version of the dolls in the top picture?

The 6 dolls pictured at the top are some of WM-Doll's older and most popular models. We do not have products with these images in our store, but it is perfectly fine to order these if desired. First two dolls are WM-Doll 166 cm C-cup with head #273 (eg Olivia ), 3rd picture (snowboard girl) is WM-Doll 157 cm B-cup with head #159 (eg body Juno and head Bianca ). We have not posted the 4th and 5th dolls as WM has not released new pictures of these for several years (but can still be ordered if desired). 6th picture is WM-Doll body 174 cm G-cup (eg Miranda ). You can change the appearance and head of our WM dolls at no extra cost.

Cheap sex dolls from Dolllandet

In our collection Cheap sex dolls so you can find dolls from our low-price brands DX Value and Aibei Doll . Both of these brands have some dolls whose appearance is clearly inspired by other doll models from better-known brands. But both brands also have several dolls that are of their own design from the ground up. And both DX Value and Aibei use their own images and they don't have mannequins or product images pretending to be something they are not. Both of these factories are large and many stores use different brands than the ones we carry on these dolls. It is common for Swedish stores to have dolls from DX Value (our cheapest brand) but at a much higher price than us (and with incorrect pictures from WM). There is also a brand of lower quality than DX Value that other stores usually sell. We do not have these dolls in our range.

There are many fake sex dolls and you have to be careful. Cheap sex dolls from Dolllandet

Other rogue shops selling dolls

There are some other Swedish stores that sell dolls. Most are stores that focus primarily on sex toys and have a small assortment of dolls on the side. These dolls are usually unbranded, have incorrect images, are of lower quality and command a high price. Classic fakes in other words. We at Docklandet guarantee that you can always get a better doll from us at a lower price or a much nicer doll for an equivalent price. Smaller shops that focus only on selling dolls are also popping up every now and then. Unfortunately, it is common for these stores to steal texts and images directly from us. Have you yourself seen a rogue shop that uses our material? Please let us know in case of ice! We are extremely grateful for information/documentation. We always act immediately such a store appears.