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We recently received an email with pictures and a story from a customer who just got his first doll home. It was so positive and fun that we think it fits here, we regularly receive hundreds of positive emails, but this was exactly with both photos and feedback, which we appreciate a little extra.

Hi Docklandet,
So ​​just 2 days later my package finally arrives. As this is my first purchase after just checking your site and emailing with your customer service, I am super curious about it all.


After splitting the box, you see that everything is good and smoothly packed with my extra choices at the top. I chose to buy my own model and also extra wigs to be able to change her style quickly.

Peruker Peruker Peruker

Tillbehör Filt Huvud

My doll came with a dark wig and a fantastic face with dark eyes so a real beauty from the Mediterranean just like even summer romances from past vacation trips.
I also bought a blonde and a reddish wig, for to be able to change her style.


So the doll comes very well wrapped and already at the first moment she feels stable and is very nice. Despite all the information about differences between product images and reality, she is very similar and really nice quality.

Mörka tjejen

Once I put on some clothes and got her hair in order, she feels far beyond expectations.

Blonda dockan

It's also really fun to try on another wig and clothes, she suddenly became a different doll and gives a very future joy.

However, I want to tell you a little briefly on Docklandet that I realize after my first purchase that the weight is just as you mentioned more noticeable than I thought. It's really setting her up in a setting and then using it because you can not change quickly and throw around her if you do not hang out in the gym a lot. I would probably look more at your slightly more expensive dolls with upgraded skeletons and other nice features. But you have to start with something somewhere before you buy the best as well.

Quality of the doll is really good but difficult to compare with others as you have not seen them more than on your website. I will definitely come back to you with more purchases when I get more feeling for the doll I just got home.

XXXXX (Customer Satisfied)