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Beginner or curious?

So you find here as a beginner or simply curious about what sex dolls really are.
These dolls have different purposes for different types of customers but what is common to all is that it is an exciting world and something found in all types of people. Abroad, it is much more common than here in our Nordic parts. In many cases it is a way of living out sexual fantasies or needs, but for many it is a culture with collectors and enthusiastic interests.

A doll can mean different things to different users that also constantly change over time. Where the first purchase often leads to more or other choices.

More about dolls in general can be found here.

What to choose?

This is a difficult question, but let's explore it together. You can find much more information about the respective different dolls under their category or brand. We have dolls of short, between and long models where we have a careful selection of our own dolls mixed with well-known exclusive brands.

Size and style?

For those who collect, short dolls are often a common choice where it often also becomes unique looks or taken from their own or others' fantasies such as manga and anime looks.

For those who want to use their dolls sexually, the choice is usually between as it means that you have more real proportions without it being perceived as difficult to handle. There is also a wide selection that covers as many styles as we ourselves are diverse.

Then we have long dolls that are most often copies of real models where everything is reproduced in natural sizes except the weight. To facilitate handling and the ability to change the doll's positions. These dolls make up everything from company to acting models of photographers and designers. But are also very popular as pure girlfriends and company on all levels both sexually and on the couch in front of Netflix on a Friday. (The advantage is that here you do not have to argue about whether the popcorn should be salted or with butter.)

If you have more questions, feel free to look under our F.A.Q or contact us but we can also warmly recommend a visit in our own showroom with lots of dolls lined up.