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Buying a sex doll (Real Doll Buying Guide)

Buy sex doll. Here you can read about things to consider before buying a sex doll. There are many important things to keep in mind when buying a sex doll. Here we cover the most important things to consider before buying a sex doll.

How to buy a suitable sex doll (buying guide!)

Buying a sex doll is often a good idea, but how do you buy the best sex doll for your needs?

We answer that question and more in this article!

5 tips for buying a sex doll that fits

⦁ Buy a doll in the right material.
⦁ Buy a doll in the right size.
⦁ Buy a doll with the right functionality.
⦁ Buy a doll at the right price.
⦁ Buy a popular sex doll if you are unsure.

Below we tell you more about the tips we just mentioned in greater detail.

1. Choose a sex doll in the right material

Sex dolls cannot be compared to others, i.e. simpler sex aids such as dildos and the like. Because sex dolls must be made of such a lifelike material that the most intimate parts feel real and lifelike.
These types of dolls are available in, among other things, silicone and TPE, which is a thermoplastic mixture. Both of those materials work perfectly for sex dolls if used properly.
Silicone is a non-porous material that can withstand both heat and cold well. Silicone dolls are also easy to keep clean and they are therefore also durable over time. The worst thing about silicone dolls is really just that silicone is an expensive material, which is also reflected in the final price of the doll. Silicone dolls can be both softer and harder in material. The harder the silicone, the more detail you can get in casting and painting. Therefore, some dolls have a hard silicone head and a softer body.
TPE dolls are in turn cheaper, but if you buy such a doll, be aware that it may require a little more maintenance compared to a silicone doll. At the same time, it is worth knowing that premium quality TPE dolls are the best choice for anyone who wants a lot of sex doll for their money. An advantage of TPE is that it is relatively easy to fix yourself as the material can be heated.
TPE is therefore almost as natural as silicone, but significantly cheaper. So if you have a fixed budget you can't break and you don't mind cleaning being a little more difficult, we recommend a TPE doll.

2. Choose the right size of the doll

The size you should choose for the doll largely depends on one factor, namely how big you are. The doll should ideally be a little smaller and a little lighter than you. Mainly because handling becomes smoother and it becomes easier to vary between different sex positions then.
The smaller the doll, the lower the price in general, so of course this is also a factor when choosing a size. Another factor to keep in mind is how you intend to store your sex doll.
A common reason why people want to return a doll is that they feel it is too heavy. So the weight is important (!) to keep in mind before buying a sex doll. A full-size doll is always a big heavy piece.

3. Choose the right functionality on the dock

Basically all sex dolls have an anus, a vagina and a mouth that look and feel very real. But those things are only the basic range itself, because if you choose a doll of particularly good quality, you get, among other things:

⦁ Very lifelike breasts
⦁ A more natural mouth that is better for oral sex
⦁ Hands with joints that feel and look extremely realistic
⦁ Extra soft butt, veins, redness, weight reduction, vacuum vagina
⦁ More details such as more real eyes, extra movable skeleton, etc

Which upgrades and functions dolls have differ between makes. Some brands have features included as standard while others have them as an option. The price can therefore vary considerably between dolls and it is good to know what is included.

4. Choose a doll at the right price

A sex doll usually costs between SEK 5,000 and SEK 25,000. Factors that determine the price mainly include:
⦁ What material is the doll made of.
⦁ How big the doll is.
⦁ How lifelike the doll is.
How much you feel you want to pay is individual, so we won't try to sway you in any direction. But that said, a budget TPE doll is a good first choice if you're on a tighter budget.

5. Choose a doll that many people like if you are unsure

If you are unsure, it is best to go with a safe card, i.e. a sex doll that many others like. There are many dolls in our assortment that are particularly popular with our customers. Our dolls are divided into collections by size and brand, at the top of each collection you can see which dolls are the most popular!

Reasons why people buy sex dolls

⦁ Buy as a sex partner for yourself
⦁ Buy as a sex partner for couple games
⦁ Buy to get a sense of presence in the home
⦁ Purchase for use as a model for photography assignments
⦁ Buy for cosplay clothing etc., popular among doll fans on Instagram
⦁ Buy to try on a doll relationship! More common than you might think, although in most cases it's more of a fun role-playing game than completely serious
⦁ Buy to practice Shibari tying (Japanese rope art with bdsm elements)
⦁ Buy as a collectible, some have impressive collections at home that can make anyone weak at the knees. A harem is a harem, artificial or not!
⦁ Buy as an exhibition object in the home, e.g. in an art installation or as a dressed "statue". Ozzy Osbourne has 5 dolls in different styles lined up at home!

We talk daily with new and old customers and we can say that the target group for buying sex dolls is very spread out! What many of our customers have in common is a good sense of humor and curiosity about life and sex dolls (of course!). Most of the people who buy sex dolls are men (believe it or not) and the average age of those who shop the most is around 40-70 years. But we have a lot of customers aged 25-45 years and 70-80 years as well, even under and over those ages show up sometimes! Then, of course, we usually don't have a very good grasp of our customers' age at all as this is private, but Google has some discrete statistics and so we meet a lot of customers who visit us on site in Borlänge!

What should I be careful about before buying a sex doll?

⦁ Buy sex dolls directly from Chinese agents and stores. It is very easy to get scammed as pirated sex dolls are very common. Above all, the WM-Doll brand is affected here. All sex doll manufacturers have "lowest price" limits on their dolls. Stores are therefore not allowed to sell the dolls for a lower price and if you sign with this anyway, it is always fake dolls and scams

⦁ Another risk with buying from China or international stores is that you cannot return the doll or get support after you receive your doll. Many of the largest international stores appear as if they are located in the EU or the USA but are straight-up Chinese stores. We always try to keep our prices in the same class as other major players.

⦁ There are quite a few other stores in Sweden that sell sex dolls. We have a relatively good grasp of other actors and our focus is always carefully selected dolls of the highest quality at a good price. We will never "talk shit" about others but we consider our dolls to be on a completely different level than our competitors. Which you yourself can easily notice if you were to compare our dolls or do a little research among the brands, range and the prices on offer

⦁ Before buying a doll, it is always important to keep the doll's size and weight in mind, this always bears mentioning again

⦁ Price, make, material are of course also always important factors before a purchase. There are reasons why prices differ so much between different dolls. Just as price differs between clothing brands, car brands, etc. This is an investment for life in part and you get what you pay for.

⦁ Otherwise, we can't think of anything more special that you need to think about before a purchase. Some customers are concerned about people's prejudices about dolls and sex toys. We at Dolllandet love dolls and constantly try to normalize doll-use and we have zero tolerance for backward-looking prejudiced important-peters who label people or point the finger. We like to have debates about dolls and love to smash boring prejudices! We have seen and heard most of it!

We hope this article gave you a little more meat on your legs before a possible purchase of a sex doll! If you have more questions, we have other articles in the online store with a lot of information and of course it is always good to write to us and ask everything between heaven and earth (moving dolls) at info@docklandet.se