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Docklandet vs Kina ?!

Probably sex, however, the world's most common question is of course why should you buy from X instead of Z and is there really any difference? As most people understand, basically all dolls come from China, which is the world's largest manufacturer of everything from ordinary dildos to exclusive sex dolls. So what's the difference? It is precisely this question that we should try to sort out as briefly and simply as possible.

Alibaba, AliExpress and eBay and others,

You have googled or searched and now found sex dolls from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars, but they look the same in the pictures? Of course, these are the same images that often come from the original manufacturer. In China, there are no consumer purchase laws, copyrights or patents in the same way as we have in the rest of the world, this means that it is possible to say and show a little exactly what you want. So do not be fooled and be robbed by a thief on these pages above or the equivalent.

The pictures,

Have you ever opened the lid on your hamburger and thought this one looks just as good-looking and good as on the menu or in the TV commercial? Probably not, which leads us to the pictures of sex dolls. These are styled, often extra make-up or even painted extra carefully to just stand out. They often have both a stylist, makeup artist and a professional photographer in a studio filled with props and clothes as well as special lights and cameras. Their goal is to create the illusion that the doll is alive and looks as good as possible.

We at Docklandet therefore work continuously to produce our own or alternative images of our dolls to give you as a customer a realistic picture of what you get. We show this, for example, on the very popular doll Rosie which we also present under our pictures directly from the factory which reproduces the doll in full different environments and light. We also have movie clips of Rosie during our videos.


In general, all dolls are made of the same materials that consist of TPE and Silicone but there are different levels and techniques used when these materials become dolls. When it comes to the construction itself, many cheap china factories have often chosen simpler skeletons while the more exclusive brands have their own developed solutions made of medical special metal.

This means that the mobility and service life as well as the durability differ markedly between the dolls, which is then not visible on the outside of the doll or in the pictures. In addition, all sites always promise 100% guarantees and the best quality regardless of origin. Which, of course, is not true.

The difference,

This is where one of the big differences comes to the fore. Docklandet has a growing range of selected dolls that have been carefully controlled throughout the chain from factory production to you as a customer. We also provide 14 days of open purchase ( read more) and guarantee that you get the best possible doll at market-leading low prices. We can do this by having direct contact and in many cases visiting and evaluating each factory and model on site. Something you will never be able to find abroad on these various selling sites from China.

Docklandet vs Märke,

We work with both affordable, own selected dolls and the largest players in exclusive brands of dolls. This is to be able to provide a wide range of quality dolls but also the opportunity to design your own doll to your liking and taste. Furthermore, several of the major brands have features not found in other dolls. Feel free to look under eg WM-Doll and IronTech to see more about what these brands offer.By offering both, we have given you as a customer free choices that extend across the entire price level of quality dolls


Below you see pictures of two popular dolls that illustrate the differences between different parties.
On the left we have product image, the middle image from the factory and on the right a copy from china order.
Here is our selected and quality controlled doll of the same model Kim.
This is a horror example from a customer who shows the difference between product images and what he got,
when he chose to buy directly from China instead of shopping at Docklandet!
Product image from original manufacturer, original factory image and a china copy sold as original.
Factory photos of our selected and quality-controlled doll Anna of the same model.