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Sex dolls and Real Doll made of TPE and silicone. Buy one sex doll at Docklandet today, always free shipping to Sweden and the entire Nordic region. We have over 400 sex dolls, miniatures, full-size real doll, male sex dolls, curvy sex dolls, WM-Doll, Zelex.

Sex dolls from Docklandet 

  • Our sex dolls are of the highest quality, even the dolls we have in the lower price ranges. 
  • Some dolls in our range are sold at almost double the price of other Swedish stores. It is the same doll, or at worst an inferior variant of ours. We have Sweden's best and lowest prices without compromising on the quality of the dolls. 
  • The dolls always look the same in reality as in the pictures.
  • Accessories are always included with our sex dolls. Clothes vary, usually a sexy tank top is included, as the dolls in the pictures have been styled and sometimes given other clothes for the purpose.
  • We have express delivery on most of our sex dolls. Normal delivery time is 2-4 working days.
  • Many of our more expensive sex dolls are made in connection with the order. You as a customer can customize your doll completely according to your wishes and needs. We can offer our Swedish and Nordic customers favorable prices on sex dolls from WM-Doll, YL-Doll, Piper Doll, Doll Forever, Irokebijin, Entity Real Doll, Starpery, Irontech Dolls, and others.
  • Our dolls are delivered in a cardboard box, and what the package contains is not visible from the outside. Discreet, safe and stable packaging. However, please note that the packages are relatively large and heavy.

General about our sex dolls

  • Vaginal depth is about 18 cm
  • Mouth depth is about 13 cm
  • Anal depth is about 17 cm
  • The inside of the openings are constructed in the same way as for example a "fleshlight". This, together with the lubricant, gives a very realistic feeling. When heated with, for example, water or a heating rod, the feeling is even better. It is worth noting that the doll "heats up" relatively quickly even during normal use without aids. 
  • Sex dolls are generally a little smaller than real girls. This is nothing that affects the feeling of reality at all. Although the dolls are a little smaller, they are still relatively large and heavy. 
  • The dolls are made of the materials TPE and silicone and are of the highest quality. Both materials are very realistic, both in appearance and feel. They are also very hard-wearing and durable. 

Are the sex dolls really as good looking as they look?

You may have marveled at how amazingly good-looking sex dolls can be. It's always the same sex doll in the picture as in real life, that is, the one you will receive delivered with a purchase. It is worth noting that the pictures of the dolls are taken by skilled photographers, which emphasizes the best sides of the dolls. The fact that it gets better pictures with the right photographer, styling and editing applies to both sex dolls and people. In most of the pictures we have, most dolls are relatively styled with clothes and makeup, but you can of course style and dress your sex doll to your own taste!

We have posted a section with factory photos of sex dolls without styling or editing. Also check out our new section with video clips. We believe and hope that these pictures and videos will give you a good idea of what your experience with the doll will be like and thus provide extra reassurance before a purchase.

How can we keep our prices so low?

We constantly keep ourselves updated on the industry and constantly make sure that
our prices are in line with the market and in most cases also below average prices to be as competitive as possible. A doll for 25,000 SEK with us can in many cases cost up to 35,000 SEK with our competitors. 
We also have a unique collaboration with our partners and direct contact with the factories where the dolls are produced, which means that no intermediaries are needed, we take care of everything!

Most purchases with us are made online - no stock balance or intermediate handling, your doll is sent directly to you as a customer from the factory or the factory's warehouse without having to stop anywhere. 

About our short sex dolls 

  • Some of our dolls are quite short. This does not make the dolls look like short people or minors. Our short sex dolls are miniatures of adult humans. No one sex doll we sell represent people under the age of 18. To make this extra clear, all our dolls in the "short dolls" category have extra large breasts and marked hips. 
  • We are aware that there are dolls designed to impersonate people under the age of majority. We will never sell such dolls, and we will kindly but firmly reject requests for such dolls. 
  • A smaller size allows the dolls to be priced lower as the material cost of the body is significantly lower. TPE and medical steel are high quality expensive materials.
  • Smaller manikins are easier to store and above all easier to handle. Even the smallest sizes are heavy pieces. For example, with back problems or limited muscle capacity, a larger size may be impossible to handle. 
  • All our sex dolls are certified with CE and FDA.


Sex toys for men!

Girls have always had access to more convenient solutions for their own pleasure than men, for obvious reasons. Now it's time to take revenge! Thanks to technological advances in the development of vagina dummies and materials that are lifelike to human skin, there is now a virtually complete alternative to sex with a girl. Some even think that sex with a sex doll, also called "real doll", can be better than the real thing. Why, you may ask? 

  • You decide when and for how long you want to have sex. There are no strings or emotions involved.
  • The dolls look extremely good. It can be difficult to meet girls of that caliber in real life. So-called real dolls have been developed to near perfection for over a decade. Many of our dolls have bodies and appearances inspired by real models. 
  • The dolls have amazingly beautiful bodies. Finding a short girl with a narrow waist and gigantic breasts is almost impossible if we are talking about real girls. 

Other reasons to buy one sex doll:

  • Sex dolls have grown into a big industry in recent years. Many people like to collect dolls and have a hobby of styling, dressing and photographing their dolls. There is a whole community of enthusiasts who are passionate about their interest in real dolls.
  • Many people buy a doll because they feel lonely. A good quality doll can bring light into life when the hope of the perfect partner starts to fade. Sex dolls, we believe, are good for the general male health of society. 
  • Our dolls can be used as mannequins, which is more common than you might think. The dolls are both more attractive and cheaper than regular mannequins usually are. 
  • Dolls are becoming increasingly popular with couples: many people fantasize about playing with more than two, but anxiety and jealousy can easily get in the way. One sex doll can solve these problems.
  • Men in relationships that border on infidelity can get their desires satisfied with a sex doll. As we all know, it can be hard to keep the sex going after a few years together, and the longer the relationship, the harder it gets. Experiences with sex dolls can be the saving grace of a relationship, allowing you to indulge your fantasies of left-field action.
  • Many couples have found that a sex doll has created a better relationship when one partner has suffered from a long-term illness or disability. Even during pregnancy, couples have been able to enjoy themselves alone or with a doll to support each other in their relationship and sex life.
  • Abroad, thinking about sex dolls has developed further than in our Nordic countries. They think more about how dolls can contribute in several ways to a better everyday life for disabled and handicapped people who otherwise often suffer from loneliness or difficulties in experiencing normal relationships.  
  • Even women who fantasize about being with someone of the same sex can get pleasure together with a beautiful doll. 

Is it embarrassing to buy a sex doll? Should I be ashamed?


Surveys show that nine out of ten women own or have owned a sex toy. But on the men's side, it's quite the opposite: especially if we're talking about straight men, sex toys have been very unusual, and a bit taboo, in the past. With our amazing sex dolls, men can finally get their needs met in a more delightful way. Just like women have been able to get for many many years! We are all sexual beings and our sexuality and needs are nothing to be ashamed of. 


Why should I choose Docklandet?

  • We strive to have Sweden's best prices on dolls, but we also want to offer you many years of expertise in the industry and a Swedish support where you should be able to feel that you get answers to your questions and concerns whether they are about sizes, materials, delivery or care!
  • With us, you have great opportunities to customize your order according to your needs and wishes to get a doll that is completely to your liking. 
  • We are with you all the way from purchase to delivery, and of course in case of any questions when you have received your doll and have something to ask. No matter when in the purchase you need us, we are here for you!

Please also read our F.A.Q with frequently asked questions and answers! 

Realistic sex dolls of the best quality at unbeatable prices! 2-4 days discreet delivery directly to the door and always free shipping! Do like thousands of satisfied Swedes and buy your sex doll at Docklandet! Swedish support and 100% discreet. You can also pick up your doll directly from us in Borlänge. Welcome to our store!

Hope this long information text was useful for you! If you have more questions
or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact info@docklandet.se

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Us at Docklandet